Ados - n. 579

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Hands down to this BEAUTIFUL gem from my first swap with Sabbatha!

Do I really need to describe it?

Three coats of this stunning blurple-with-turquoise-shimmer precious shade are on my nails (plus a coat of Better Than Gel Nails top coat).

I remember I thinked about RBL's "Scrangie" when I first saw this Ados, but I don't know how much they're similar.
Nothing bad, as I LOVE n. 579!

I'm glad we had sun those days (rare thing here in Milan during winter!), look at the colours!

Sorry for the image bombing.

Look at it when in shade too *_________________*
Subtly duochrome shimmer, but I even wanted to show you how the Better Than Gel Nails top coat makes my nails smooth and... polished :D

Straight in my favourites!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Elsa P. said...
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Elsa P. said...

Che meraviglia :O Perchè da noi non ci sono gioiellini del genere? ç__ç

maisenzasmalto said...

Stupendo!! Questo sì che sulle unghie è bello come nella boccetta!!!!

sabbatha said...

I'm glad you like it ^.^

Hob03 said...

auguri carissima :)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Elsa P., magari ne abbiamo altri ;>

maisenzasmalto, è veramente uguale sia dentro che fuori la bottiglietta :D
Sembra in effetti una scemenza, ma tanti cambiano una volta messi sull'unghia.

sabbatha °___°

Hob03 , ricambiato sul blog :D

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