Sinful Colors - Dream On

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Sinful Colors, why are you so expensive in Italy?
€4,90, but I always wanted this magic purple, so finally I bought it.

And I'm glad I did it!

WARNING: this is NOT as you see here, it's much more dark and BRIGHT, and you won't find a true-to-reality picture on the web, I can swear it :D

My best picture of "Dream On" is the next one, taken in artificial light, so, again, colour it's not really this one...

"Dream On" it's not so pink, not so cool, not so light... I don't know how to describe it, please see it with your own eyes :D
In general, I can say it's the same colour of some species of Bouganvillea, VERY bright, I always liked those flowers (ok, they're not flowers, they're leaves, but that's ok :D).

It's a true neon purple nailpolish, so it dries absolutely matte and in few nanoseconds -.-
I applied three coats.

See how much it's glossy? Here I topped it with the Better Than Gel Nails top coat from Essence: GREAT glossiness, but after two three days my naisl were already chipped a little...
I must say they remained glossy after one week too, an effect I don't get with regular clear nailpolish.
Oh well, I'm curious to use that top coat on top of glittery and sparkly things :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

oh, like chg flying dragon <3

Oshi said...

wow! amazing color!!
non so se è dovuto al riflesso, ma da come è steso sulle unghie, sembra molto liquido..è così o dipende dalla luce delle foto?

just blogged about nail polishes here:

marox79 said...

Sinful Colours is cheaper here, about 2.50 EUR, I think. But it's not readily available at all.
Great vibrant colour, almost blinding, hehe. Don't know if I'd dare, though it looks superflattering on you.

maisenzasmalto said...

Bellissimo, credo che la difficoltà di acchiapparlo in foto sia simile al CG Flying Dragon (anche quello matte e con foto di tutti i colori in internet)...
E sì, comunque SC potrebbe costare un po' meno qui!

stregalice said...

L'ultima volta che sono andata da Coin non ho più visto SC, la cosa mi preoccupa non poco!
Bel colore, ti sta benissimo! Io invece non mi ci vedo proprio con questi colori...

Smaltoitaliano said...

sabbatha, Yeah, but I think this one it's a little lighter and/or brighter... Who knows :D

Oshi, più che altro, essendo un neon, sembra poi "vetrificato" quando ci metti sopra il top coat, penso sia questo che te lo fa sembrare "liquido" :>

marox79, €2,50? Life is unfair >.<
This purple would be perfect on you!

maisenzasmalto, tutto potrebbe costare un po' meno qui :D
Mi consolo sapendo che i neon e simili sono "incatturabili" da una fotocamera :P

stregalice, ricorda che questo non è propriamente un rosa :>
Da Coin ci vado pochissimo, invero, ma adesso la SC è anche all'Upim...

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