Shaka - n. 740 Dark Aquamarine

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Woah, at last a beauty!
Note that I put MANY pictures, sorry for this, but you can guess I REALLY liked this n. 740 *_*

(full sun)

This is a dark teal in between a foil and a glassflecked, I think, anyway, it's AWESOME.
Deep, saturated, shiny, I only have good words for it :>


 MANY pictures, I said :P

(full sun)

I applied two coats, dries normally/quickly, so it's easy to apply even late at night :D

(full sun)

Why so many pictures? To show you every side of "Dark Aquamarine".
Infact, these nailpolishes contain pigments with a little duochrome effect, which doesn't show too much on nails, but they give a subtle twist to the colour, making it glowy and deep at the same time.

(artificial light)

Clearly, it's beautiful especially in low light/at night, look at those night shots <3

(artificial light)

I must say, just a warning: it can stain your nails; I removed it with the tinfoil method (as always, I use it every time), but I didn't leave cotton pads enough time to clear my nails deeply - I had some wounds on some fingers, nailpolish remover hurts! -, so nails were a little stained, I had to rub and rub and rub with q-tips to get my pink nails back :D
So, remember: leave cotton pads for minutes, before removing them!

But... WHO CARES, I love this colour:


See? Glassflecks are at their best in low daylight, look a t the deepness.

(full sun)

Those little bottles are... small :D
Brush also is small, but flat and easy to use, clean-up is quick.

(full sun)

Shaka definitely needs to expand all over the country, at €1,99 each bottle and so many colours available...

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

Definitely a beauty. The price is budget friendly too. How big are the bottles? They don't seem too big, but anyway, it's hard to use up a polish.

Soffio di Dea said...

Ma bello! Promettono bene mi sa :) Un caro saluto, kiss

sabbatha said...

gorgeous! :>

Elsa P. said...

Siiii! Finalmente uno Shaka sul blog! :D Bellissimo colore, promettono davvero bene *ç*

maisenzasmalto said...

Bello <3 me lo segno!
Dovrei organizzare una raccolta firme per avere gli Shaka in tutti gli OVS!

Simona said...
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Simona @LightYourNails said...

Credo di averlo preso! Ma per ora ho provato solo il fratello Carribbean qualcosa (è identico come finish, ma color mar dei caraibi come dice il nome). Purtroppo da me l'OVS non li tiene, quando li ho trovati ho arraffato tutti quelli che mi sembrano particolari. Devo dire però che ho trovato solo dei blu o teal più che altro. Peccato perchè so che ci sono degli arancioni molto belli simil-Zoya! said...

This is such a great picture! I really love your pictures, you can see the finish of this nailpaint very good in the sun! I like youre style of blogging! :) From now on I follow you with bloglovin’, would you like to follow me back? Hugs from Holland!

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Qua non c'è verso di beccare gli Shaka, ne ho presi un paio due settimane fa quando son stata dalle parti del moroso ma non li ho ancora provati. In ogni caso sto vedendo dei colori bellissimi in giro! ;)

Smaltoitaliano said...

marox, bottles are 5ml, but you know, when you have TONS, 5ml are more than enough :D

Ciao Soffio di Dea, sono tanti e ben fatti, appena li vedi fai scorta :>

sabbatha, ^_^

Elsa P., adesso puoi giocarci anche tu :D

maisenzasmalto, il brutto è che, a quanto pare, se mettono Shaka tolgono Essence...

Simona, sì, è vero, ci sono molti arancioni, coralli, pesca, che, come saprai, a me non piacciono :>
Se te ne serve qualcuno in particolare, posso provare a cercarli per te, ho 2-3 OVS a disposizione in città :>

Hi Marge, you're so kind and thank you! I'll read your blog as soon as I can, I still have to set a button for Bloglovin to put somewhere here :^/

Cristina , a dire la verità, pensavo che si sarebbero diffusi più velocemente, ma forse dipende dalle città, dalla disponibilità, etc...

adina said...

belissimo!.please visit my blog end subscribe and i do the same on yours.let's follow us.

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