April's stuff

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... Stuff I got in April.
Oh my, lately I'm getting so many bottles. Beautiful bottles *_* :D

From left:

- Berry-magenta JELLY from Basic Beauty, n. 68PE. How rare is a jelly nailpolish here in Italy? And it won't even be the only one in this post!

- Debby n. 186, blackish base filled with blue/purple glitters (not big size, almost a shimmer). Impulsive purchase :D

- Basic Beauty n. 15: pink-mauve creme. A little runny, but I think it will be awesome on nails. Feminine, but not corny :D

- Debby n. 175: dark emerald metallic. Another impulsive purchase...

Next pic shows the two Debby in detail:

And below you see a comparison: n. 175 reminded me of a glorious Essence discontinued green, "All Access", and I thought they were almost dupes, looking at the bottles, but my cap-test reveals they're different:

Then, a franken: remember this Sinful Colors "Let Go"? I tried to improve this colour by adding some scoops of Specktraflair pigment, but I'm not sure about the result: I got a semi-sheer lilac wiht a STRONG green reflect (but a little frosted) and holographic side.


Bottom part of the picture shows one coat of the franken over Essence "Passion For Fashion": in direct sun you can see the holo rainbow and the green side (it has been difficult to catpure it)... I have to try it again and find a good colour base.

Next, my first magnetics... Of course a purple and a blue :D

Upper, Prestige Bijoux, n. 03 "Topaz". It's just the purple I was looking for, cold and dimensional.

Bottom, Debby n. 4, "Neptune": it's a blue which reveals violet when magnetized = ♥ ♥

Then, more Shaka gems:

Names and numbers are listed in the picture.
First one, "Storm" (great name :D ), it's a rich semi-glassflecked nailpolish, you know my tastes :D

The other two are jellies! DARK jellies ♥
I don't understand, how it could be possible? :D

Below, "Glossy Blue" (the blue jelly) and "Storm" in detail:

And now a demostration: look at the sheerness; these are one coat each, and you can see they're actually a purple and a blue, even if, to the naked eye, in the bottles they look VERY similar.

I wanna try them alone and see how many coats they require to cover the nails :D
But I know many of you thought about glitter sandwiches :D ^_^

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


stregalice said...

Sto sbavando su quel franken, sappilo!
Segno nella lista della spesa cosa devo guardare la prossima volta che passo da OVS, una lista che sta diventando preoccupante!

sabbatha said...

shaka shaka shaka :P

Elsa P. said...

Ommioddio gli Shaka *ç* se me li swatchi poi ti faccio una listina.....:D

Simona @LightYourNails said...

Il franken è bellissimo *__*

Laura. said...

PS: Does you already participated in the giveaway on my blog: http://www.beautybloglaura.com/2012/05/winactie-2-goodiebags-van-elf.html

maisenzasmalto said...

Non so da dove cominciare!! Gli Shaka sono <3 facci vedere presto i jelly per favore! Da me quei colori non c'erano!
Poi il franken è bellissimo e il magnetico blu/viola, ecco vorrei vedere anche quello ;-)
PS: magenta...E' entrato nel cestino per sbaglio? :-P

Smaltoitaliano said...

stregalice, appena pubblicato un post apposta, a me fa schifotto :D
Ora, oltre al "libretto rosso", hai anche la lista? :D

sabbatha, you already have some more I have to send to you :D

Elsa P., hai visto, non c'è stato bisogno :D

Simona, mo' splitto la boccetta e ve lo mando :D

Thank you, Laura.

maisenzasmalto, pure io voglio provarli, anche se questo va contro la mia filosofia di "provare subito le ultime cose" :D
Il magenta è bellissimo, e in più... vedrai nel prossimo post :P

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