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It's now time for a polish you've never seen before on your screen, but given that here in Italy we always arrive late to party, I am now able to show you the 3764er dupe of the EXCLUSIVE Orly's "Halleys Comet" - so exclusive I suppose they had to steal the pigments from Zoya's strongbox in order to make the Cosmic FX collection...

Nothing much to say, this is two coats and ½, or ¾, I'm not sure: I put two coats, then something less than a third coat to even all out. Let's say that three coats are the right amount of polish.

Under the sunlight:

In shade:

Against the light:

In shade, but darker:

I must say that I prefer it in shade, because colour is richer and so deep, and you can see much more sparkle diffuse on the nail; bright or direct light obviously make it sparkle to the maximum level, but polish get more flat.
It's a jelly, but I like it and I don't bother about VNL. Very beautiful.
So beautiful I bought three more bottles after the first one, so now I have 20 ml about of this shade :^D

EDIT about wear: fantastic wear, just a little tipwear after five days at least.

Bonus pic for Nihirida: me too I have a cat mug... Sad cat is blue :^D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Flavia said...

Sto avendo dei problemi a trovarlo a Roma! :(
Ho già Zoya Charla, quindi non sono disperata, però non mi dispiacerebbe averlo per usarlo invece di Charla. :D
Bellissimi swatches. ^^

Smaltoitaliano said...

Qui a Milano è arrivato, diciamo, due settimane fa negli Oviesse, e ho avuto la fortuna di beccare un paio di volte lo stand appena riempito, c'erano tutte le nuove uscite...

Apprezzo l'irrazionalità del volere un certo smalto per non usarne un altro che è uguale :D

nihrida said...

Never saw it before... XD
I love your cat mug, it's adorable.

Smaltoitaliano said...


fili97 said...

you have most beauty nails I ever seen

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you!, But you have to take a look at links on the left, there you'll find the REAL perfection :>

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