Comparison: Essence "Trendsetter" vs H&M "Moody Model"

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Hello there :>
This week I made a little trip to H&M to see their new polishes, and I decided to buy just "Moody Model", a dark teal.
There were another interesting colour, called "No Mambo Jambo", but I thought it was similar to Sinful Colors' "Rise & Shine", which I own: well, it's not that similar, but "Rise & Shine" is enough for me to satisfy my bright-almost-neon-turquoise-teal-with-a-little-shimmer willing :^D

Anyway, at home I realized that "Moody Model" is tragically similar to Essence's "Trendsetter", so here's a comparison for anyone who'd be interested in :>

You can already notice a difference from the bottles, and it's strange, because in reality they look like almost the same colour.
First pic shows one coat of each one,

"Trendsetter" is waaaaaay more opaque, but now you can see that "Moody Model" is a tad bluer.
Second pic is two coats of each one:

Two coats for "Trendsetter" are definitely enough, but it's not the same for "Moody Model"; in fact it requires three coats, so I put a third coat, while "Trendsetter", on the left, is still two coats:

They're not dupes, but very very similar, dark but never "black-looking"; "Moody Model" is thinner and bluer, maybe on nails it will look lighter... I don't know, probably you don't need both of them.
Sorry for the darkness of pictures, they're not as dark in reality, but I don't know why camera kept darkening them.

I have to say that I HATE new cap of H&M polishes, it's totally unmanageable and I really don't understand why they changed it with this stupid shape.
Bottle too is stupid, because I find it's difficult to roll it in my hands, but cap is absolutely ANNOYING.

You know what? I'll use Essence's cap and brush with "Moody Model". Who cares about a beautiful shape when Ergonomics si compromised?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

Few days ago I got married with Trendsetter ;-)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Haha, you have to tell us about honeymoon :D :D

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