First swap of the year...

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... guess who's the other swapper? -.-°  :D

A bowl of nailpolishes!

Ok, now I can call these swaps a tradition: we gather bottles and makeup items, and every now and then we send parcels each other (I know, my turn now :P ); that's because I need some classic brands at low prices and awesome Polish colours, and she needs italians makeup products :^D
Sabbatha doesn't post about what she receives from me, maybe she's jealous of her new items? :•P

Aaaanyway, these are the colours:

Sorry for the ginormous image, I could've cut it better, but that's the best result I got with my humble camera...

Second part of row!

I didn't find any name or number on that mint Magic Visage, so I'm clueless about it.
If I remember correctly, this is a very cheap brand, but they seem to have a decent range of colours...

It's difficult to describe each one, and I don't think many of you would be that interested in descriptions, better looking at pictures!
So I took some closer shots, you can check finishes and reflects :>

Orly bottle is so tiny and cute :D
The mint in the back is a little greener in real life...

Savina "Purple Prince" is so awesome, a tad warmer than how it looks up above; if you want a preview, here it is - warning, it will make you want this nailpolish SO BAD!

Ebalay's from Whale, thank you dear!
I love these duochrome glassflecks, I have three in my WL! 
You can admire A02 here, and here's the complete selection *_*

Do I have to tell you how much I love "Arabian Night"? Take a look at some swatches, if you don't know it yet! (pic from Sabbatha :> )

Aaah, dulcis in fundo, blue group ♥

"Total Mystery" is an electric blurple (blue base, pink-violet glasshimmer - hey a new word! :D ); Flormar is a gorgeous electric blue-jelly-glasshimmered nailpolish, to be used over something else, because is sheer - but clearly I don't care :D
Bottle is soooo tall, but I've already shortened it with a little saw, so now it stands proud in my Helmer's drawer :D
In this picture you can see the beautiful reflects in the little Sensique; base colour is dustier in real life (periwinkle?), I really like it!

That's all for now, did you eye anything that caught your interest?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Elsa P. said...

Invidiaaaa! Non saprei neanche da dove cominciare :D

stregalice said...

Nooo, ho letto bene? Hai tranciato il Flormar?
Cmq belli belli belli :D

QueenMiSeRy said...

Povero il tappino del Flormar XD mi intrigano quegli smalti ma non li trovo da nessuna parte. Come se ne avessi bisogno XD
After Party adoro, è stupenderrimo <3
Sui viola e blu silenzio stampa. XD

Ere Kanezawa said...

Che meraviglia... tutto quel viola!!!

sabbatha said...

I'll posttt anotherrr swappp I promise, Maybe I'll post the previous one bottles too :D

This swap was one of the best imo :>

Smaltoitaliano said...

Elsa, neanche io °_°

stregalice, per forza! "Altezza mezza bellezza" è sempre stata una gran boiata, secondo me :P :D

QueenMiSeRy, eh, so che apprezzi ciò che apprezzo io :D
Una volta ho visto uno stand Flormar in un negozio di articoli per parrucchieri e nail-shops nella mia città, ma avevano solo i colori base e il makeup, nessuno di questi smalti glassflecked o altro >.<

Ciao Ere! Tu sei appassionata del viola, giusto? Ognuna qui ha una sua fissa :D

sabbatha, there's no a "best" one, everyone I appreciated in the same way <3

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