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... I mean, latest from June and July.

Pupa n. 032, bought when Pupa put holos and others on sale, and Layla "Flash Black", brought to me (at a lower price) by Stregalice <3

H&M "Fantasy Ocean", still don't know if it's the tenth teal-with-gold-shimmer I own...

Next, the new Shakas: together with the holos, Shaka released some "collections": the only one I could recognize is the one dedicated to planets, but honestly I don't know the others - and I repeat, Shaka's site is awful.

Shaka n. 660 "Ternder" (spelling mistake, I suppose :D), n. 670 "Deep Passion" (look!), n. 775 "Forever Green", n. 860 "Universe" (the one in the "planets" collection).

These colours are to die for, so I decided to make some cap-swatches:

N. 860 "Universe" has a dark teal base with electric blue shimmer *_*
N. 660 "Ternder" has a beautiful and glowing pink accent in a lavender base; a little watery, though.

Next, the masterpiece, in my humble opinion:

N. 670 "Deep Passion" has a blue base and DEEP red shimmer, I BET this will be STUNNING once on my nails <3 <3 <3

N. 775 "Forever Green" looks teal in the bottle and grass green on cap, but I've discovered it's a blued green jelly: here I put just one coat (quite saturated!), I think two coats will be enough and more similar to bottle's colour, even if not so dark.

Next, thanks to a blogger whose name I can't recall now, I bought the polish on the left straight after I read her post on Rimmel's "Night Before" :D

Since that I already own "Blue Me Away", I decided for a small comparison:

"Night Before" is darker and less blue, while "Blue Me Away" is absolutely blue °_°

Shimmer (which is lightly duochrome, by the way) is the very same, I think, only inserted in a different jellish base.

Last, random picture :D
Some lovely italian girls send me "Grumpy" from the Snow White Essence LE, you all know how much I love electric blues <3

And I picked a couple of Basic Beauty for me, there were an offer on all the makeup items...

N. 76, the purple one, is VERY dark, very vampy.
N. 67PE, is a magenta PURE jelly (picture show it lighter). Yes, it's the third pink jelly from BB I own, I'll do a comparison in the future when I'll come back home.
BB, why don't you make more colours in jelly formula? :°°°

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


GothamPolish said...

Can't wait to see Deep Passion!!!

Mel, Glassflecked. said...

drooool. amazing haul! so many pretty shimmers

The Wonderful Pinkness said...

H&M is really beautiful! :-)

Simona LightYourNails said...

Cosa essere Deep Passion *____________*
Cacchio, ma sembra rosso nella boccetta, io non le guardo nemmeno le boccette rosse!!!!!!
Tutti gli altri li ho... tutti appunto, ahahah. Che vergogna! (no, il BB magenta non ce l'ho che non amo quel tipo di colore e finish)

sabbatha said...

Shaka #670 <3

stregalice said...

You're welcome :)
Cmq sul serio il 670 se non me lo dicevi/mandavi tu non penso l'avrei guardato due volte in negozio (il 775 invece sì, celo!)

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

670 e 775 me li segno (sempre che li trovi)!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

GothamPolish, I hope to find it again, I think I need a back-up :P

Glad you like them, Mel!

The Wonderful Pinkness, I think it will be nice in winter :>

Simona, io guardo tutto perchè so che ci possono essere vere sorprese :D

sabbatha, cross your fingers °_°

stregalice, ho avuto fiuto :D

MaiSenzaSmalto, se li ritrovo io qui te li metto da parte :>

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