Rimmel - 60 seconds n. 405 Rose Libertine

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Girlish pinky pink today (°_________°), I know, not something you see often here...

(outdoor daylight, washed out...)

But seems like I like this hue of pink, isn't it? :D
"Rose Libertine" is a lovely warm pink creme (a tad warmer in reality than in my pictures), feminine and easy to wear, I like the contrast between its sweeetness and my usual way of clothing (much more strong-looking :D ).

(indoor daylight)

Don't know why (but I know it happens sometimes), it's a little darker on nails than in the bottle, maybe it's because of bottle's shape and material.
Brush isn't flat, but I didn't have problem with application.

(indoor day-lowlight)

I love it, in lowlight is bright and full, not flat and dull, and I use it whenever I want a neutral tone, but I don't want to use a skin-coloured nailpolish.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Prestige - Nail Bijoux St. Barth (NLM-24)

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New year, new post!

These pictures are from June, better late than never, right? :D

Nail Bijoux are small bottles of multicoloured varnishes from Prestige, some interesting, some not, but if you own less than two Helmers of nailpolishes, you'll find many original colours and finishes (promo picture is too edited and all flat, but trust me :D ).
I can't find them in their site, though, so maybe they're already discontinued? Or do they have a bad web editor? :P

"St. Barth" is a great bright cornflowery blue, VERY glossy on its own.

Sorry for the tipwear, but look at the colour °_°
Of course this is one of those tricky hues, bright and pastel at the same time, hope you're getting the idea anyway!

(indoor daylight)

I think I used two coats, application is easy and brush is flat without being like a giant pavesino :D

Bottle is only ml4,5 (less than a Mavala!), I think they're around €2,50, not bad if you find a colour you like :> 

Have a nice YEAR and thanks for your attention ;¬)