Boys of summer

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Hi everyone!

With this song in background, you can read my post about my summer-ish new entries from 2013 - I think I bought more, but I'll show them in some next posts :D

Quandoè unknown colour/number: this is a very cool very tiny bottle of a very nice duochrome colour... Also VERY similar to Deborah n. 57 "Carpe Diem".
Ok, they're the VERY same nailpolish, too bad I didn't see it the moment I chose it :D

NYC n. 022 "Jade" (a little greener in real life), L'Oréal n. 831 "Fluo Azur" (♥) and a free Layla I got with a magazine... which I didn't like, in the end :D (the nailpolish, magazine is that kind of supposed women themes rubbish).
Anyway, it's Layla CE 66, a dusty light blue, WAY more dusty than in my pic, looks like almost a blue-grey.

Above we have a superlovely trio:

- H&M "Shangai Nights": emerald green base, violently duochrome glitters, from blue to purple-pink, just like my hair right now :D

- Essence "Elves Like Lilac", from Fantasia TE, thank you again MaiSenzaSmalto!

- Maybelline n. 860 "Sea Sunset": this one it's more dull in real life, but it's nice in the bottle, duochrome shimmer is lovely; I tried it solo in the meantime, and I didn't like it that much, so I'll retry it over a blue base, I want to make it more vibrant.

Ok, a row of Kikos:

- from their new (now old and probably not successful) line of Quick Dry varnishes, n. 830, electric blue with lighter blue shimmer.
Not tried it yet.

- from the summer collection, Sun Pearl n. 428 (deep green with goldish "wet" glitters) and n. 429 (medium blue with wet silver glitters).
Why I say "wet"? It's just my impression of the look of these polishes, especially the silvery ones :>
Think of fine glassflecks...

- Laser Nail Lacquer n. 435 "Venom Teal", this is from the autumn collection of 2013 "Dark Heroine".
Classic duochrome blue-violet, mmh, we'll see when I'll wear it, I know I have already Essence and Catrice dupes >.<

New brand!
Not new to me, of course: Naj-Oleari is an historical italian fashion brand which at a certain point developed a cosmetic line, I remember I used to buy stuff from them when I was in high school.
Every now and then I see some nice products, but these two gems were at a cats charity sale, and I grabbed them immediately!

Blue one is a sand! Frome the Crystalizer Sandy Effect range, n. 108, it's a mix of blue-silver-pink, and in some angles you can see gold too (I think pink are duochromes); citrus yellow is n. 116, it's from Pearl XXL Sparkling Effect line, and I must say it's really sparkly!
I know, unusual colour for me, but I like it; I know it will be awesome layered or in a gradient :>

Quick cap swatches: I think these are two coats, nice ones, right?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Manco a dirtelo, abbiamo comprato un sacco di cose in comune! Lo Shangai Nights, però, non l'ho mai visto in giro, peccato davvero. Gli smalti Naj-oleari mi stupiscono non poco, sono splendidi! Io ho ancora nello stash trucco un ombretto e una matita Naj-oleari comprati ai tempi del liceo...

stregalice said...

Sbugiardo Cristina, perché lo Shangai Nights l'ha bellamente ignorato durante quella famosa gita dove l'abbiamo comprato in massa :p
Non so se l'hai già provato, nel caso tu non l'abbia ancora fatto attenta che macchia in un modo indecente.

Bellissimo bottino, tanto blu e shimmerini vari che ovviamente mi piacciono.
Ma quello che mi fa piacere ancora di più è la citazione della canzone di Don Henley :D

sabbatha said...

if you don't like this layla you can always send it to a fairy :D

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Bella scorta di smalti :) Lo Shangai Nights ce l'ho anch'io, idem per il povero Quandoè senza nome (accidenti, è un dupe del Deborah piccolo che ovviamente ho già)...E vabbè poi ce ne sono un'altro paio in comune! Carini i Naj-Oleari, stranamente mi piace quel giallo brilloso!!!

Unknown said...

Overdose di blu insomma! Che strano :D Splendido quello smalto di H&M, non l'ho ancora visto in giro, dovrò guardare meglio :)

Note di Stile Moda and Make up.. said...

che bei colori!!

sabbatha said...

knock knock :P

Smaltoitaliano said...

@PeeBeforePolish: l'ombretto nero NaJ-Oleari era gigante e durava mesi e mesi, haha, ai tempi mettevo solo quello (e matita nera YSL, pensa tu!) :D

@stregalice: no, non l'ho ancora provato, grazie per l'avviso e gli apprezzamenti :D

@sabbatha: it's yours now, I just have to pack a parcel :P

@MaiSenzaSmalto: pure a me piace quel colore, stranissimo :D

@Elsa: l'hai poi trovato? :>

@Note di Stile Moda and Make up: sono sempre quelli, per fortuna che variano i finish :D

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