Rimmel - 60 seconds n. 405 Rose Libertine

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Girlish pinky pink today (°_________°), I know, not something you see often here...

(outdoor daylight, washed out...)

But seems like I like this hue of pink, isn't it? :D
"Rose Libertine" is a lovely warm pink creme (a tad warmer in reality than in my pictures), feminine and easy to wear, I like the contrast between its sweeetness and my usual way of clothing (much more strong-looking :D ).

(indoor daylight)

Don't know why (but I know it happens sometimes), it's a little darker on nails than in the bottle, maybe it's because of bottle's shape and material.
Brush isn't flat, but I didn't have problem with application.

(indoor day-lowlight)

I love it, in lowlight is bright and full, not flat and dull, and I use it whenever I want a neutral tone, but I don't want to use a skin-coloured nailpolish.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

Definitely stepping out of your comfort zone. I like it a lot. it's feminine yet not overly girly.

Unknown said...

what a beautiful shade. :D love it!

Ela said...

Beautiful color:)

sabbatha said...

pink :x :D

stregalice said...

Non gli avrei dato un centesimo (rosa, brrrr!), ma effettivamente è un colore interessante e ti sta anche bene! :D

robaszekk said...

It looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

It suits you! Nice photos..
I have this one too, the colour is very pretty :)

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