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Hi there :>

See the title? I decided to make a compilation post because I'm SO behind and, more important, now I'm hating the squared shape I had months ago :D

This one, I liked it so much: it's made of a purple creme, "Neon Lilac" by H&M and one of the first polishes Sabbatha sent me centuries ago <3, Lovely Color Mania n. 173.

That little H&M bottle was in a set of four or five, if I don't get wrong (yellow, orange, pink, purple and... ?), I didn't bought it, but a lovely girl gave four of them to me.
I really like this shade of purple :> and that Lovely has the perfect coloured base to show its chunky warm gold glitters on.

Next one, I wanted to try that pink Shaka I showed you in my last post, "Little Women", but you know, this Peppa Pig pink was definitely too much on its own, so I applied my beloved green flakies from Inglot on some nails.

Too girly anyway, eh? -.-°

Ok, a better look is coming :D
You know (maybe) I resist the urge to try new polishes every time I buy them, because I have varnishes purchased YEARS ago and still never even tried on... Looks like that time I caved and wore like TWO new shades in a row, how crazy I am! :D

This is the extracute Wet n Wild Megalast E2133 "On A Trip", who doesn't love a good lavender colour?

Later I added something to make it more interesting, despite my short nails of the period:

Unfortunately, I have no idea which blue is that Kiko, maybe n. 335? I don't know, but I think you can live with it and go on in your life anyway.

I made a classic gradient and I LOVED it!

I think I'll publish another post like this, because I have many more manis done in the past (it means: the first months of 2014), hope you'll like them :>

I know I'm not as regular as I did in the past, but I just want to thank all the people who still stumble in my little blog who read, look at my pictures and leave comment, please note that I always reply ALL of them, and I appreciate all of them :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)