Italy to teh rescue

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Yeah, italian nailpolish world is gradually trying to go after the beauty trends which pop out (or popped out) in the rest of the world.
You can see that by looking at the first picture :D

Lol, n. 51 made in Italy :D
Anyway, I'm pretty happy, I always wanted some Nfu-Oh flakies (and still want a couple more), but now Layla brought us this gorgeous mix, together with other glitter combos (green one is stunning too), you can see them here.

One downside, as usual, the price: €8, more than a regular Ceramic, which is like €7 or €7,50, I don't remember.

On the opposite, Kiko launched 40 new shades, but this time I picked just two:

(left, n. 385; right, n. 358)

Yes, there's a peach one :D
I like it, and given that I wear mostly black, sometimes with touchs of cold colours, I thought it can look good on my nails.
I suddenly recalled another blue in my stash which could have be too similar to n. 385, but it's not that similar:

N. 385 compared with "Chuck" by Essence.
They're both a slightly muted blue, but not the same shade.

Lastly, a great surprise from Elsa, which sent me this lavender beauty I really liked, together with a deep blue (n. 208 "Pier 17") from NYC °_°

"Irreplaceable" and "Pop Pastel Blue" were a little add on my way to the supermarket :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - Frozen n. 06 + Ozotic Pro - Elytra n. 528 + Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Purple

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... This is the little touch of colour I mentioned in my previous post :D

Since we're having sunny days, after the snow, glitters called me and I replied :D

(full sun)

I often see in blogs how much beautiful is layering different coloured flakies, but I don't have them (well, at least not the most common types), so I thought about these duochromy glitters.


See how these three buddies look like combined together?

I layered them in a sandwich mode: Ozotic/Kleancolor/Ozotic/Kleancolor/Ozotic.
My first idea was to apply two layers each, but in the end I've noticed that the glitters contained in the Kleancolor are bigger than the Ozotic's, so I had to apply a third coat of Ozotic to let them show better.

(full sun)

But final result is so beautiful, like a black Carnival :D
I see every colour of the spectrum ♥

(low light)

Clearly, camera can't catch all the single glistens, so you had to imagine that there are hundreds of sparkles on the nails in addition to the ones you see in my pictures.

(blurred on the left, it appears like a multicolour foil :>)

What about this mani in artificial light? *_*

And look at the colour changes!

Well, a little over the top, but it all depends on your personality, plus I've shortened my nails...
Yes, sometimes I do think that darker/crazy shades look a little better with shorter nails.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - Frozen n. 06

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From the latest Kiko winter collection, Chic Chalet, during sales I picked three nailpolishes: two I already showed here, and a third one, the black of the collection, n. 06:

It's difficult to catch it in pictures, but this black contains an inner pearly silver vein, you can see it in the bottle shot below.

Nothing more to say, these are two coats, it's quite pigmented, top quality as usual, dries quickly and glossy (see first photo :> ).
I wore it alone just for a day, then I added... a touch of colour, you'll see :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

New amazing colours - pt. 2

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Welcome to pt.2 :D

Not only buyings, here, but a swap too: as usual, my nailpolish-fairy Sabbatha gave me some bottles I had in my WL... Must be sort of a nailpolish-mine hidden somewhere in a forest in Poland, and she knows how to extract them :D

From top:

- Sally Hansen "Purple Gala" ;

- Sally Hansen "Mystic Lilac";

- Essie "Turquoise&Caicos" ;

- bonus: NatRobbins "Greed" , well pictured (and compared) here. I guess this would be a gorgeous layering green too, because it's pretty sheer on its own, but gives a great green metallic effect when pur over something else.

Some days ago, I compulsively purchased two beauties from Stargazer which I had pinned in my mind after buying the first two:

These are n. 303 the blue one ("Lunar Eclipse" dupe? I hope so :D) and n. 305 the purple one, I'll leave you just with the pictures :D
They're beautiful, cheap, 14ml and you can find them on eBay.

Then, I wanna try wearing a crackle nailpolish on its own, trying to cover the entire nail; that's because I found this great indigo-with-gold-and-green-irregular-shaped-glitters which I would LOVE as a regular nail varnish:

Obviously a Deborah crackle, n. 04.

As you may have noticed, Deborah (and Debby) is growing in terms of interesting offers to italian nailpolish fanatics: lately, they released five shades with that batch of metallic pigments we've admired in Sephora's "Diving in Malaysia", Chanel's "Péridot" and another million of sub-brands :D

By now, I just took n. 71 "Scarabeo Green" with me, as the other ones are dupes of other Chanel/Sephora colours - there's a couple of them I'm still interested in, but I don't want to buy the tenth purple/green duochrome or the third "Péridot" dupe, so I'll have to scan them very carefully...
Stregalice bought more bottles and did comparisons, take a look!

I searched for a similar shade in my Helmer, and found Kiko n. 352: they contain undoubtedly the same pigment, but consistency, base and formula aren't the same at all:

Test on cap: see the difference? N. 71 is clearly waaaaayy more dense and saturated (it's like green molted metal bottled), while Kiko has a grey base, silver glitters and, I suppose, a lighter amount of blue-green colour in it.

Angled view shows it's the same pigment.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

BeYu - n. 330

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A train of favourites lately, but it's not my fault :D

Remeber BeYu n. 330 here? How not to love it?

(full sun - lilac on the sides <3)

Mh, grey base filled with duochrome glitters = glassflecked turquoise/pink <3


Even better (as we know well) in daylight *_*

Pink/lilac side shows itself easily, trust me, and less grainy than my pictures.

This is the perfect shade for snowy days, there are such a bright diffuse light you can see all the colours together on your nails!

It's not a light shade, though, because its base is a medium gunmetal grey.

These are three coats; it doesn't dry so quick, it takes a while, but that's ok with a colour like this :D
Very original, don't you think?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

New amazing colours - pt. 1

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Mmmh, pt. 1, yeah, because I had to split my latest buyings in two posts, and it's NOT a good thing, I suppose.

Anyway, at least I didn't buy them all at once :^P

- Layla n. 177, a pastel rainbow in a bottle.

- Nouba n. 469, metallic blue/purple (even green) = *_______________*

Ok, first two were an obvious instant love, and I think you can see why... Despite thier price, which for me it's a little on the high side: around €7 for that ooOold Layla and less than €5 for that mini Nouba (7ml).

Details of each colour:

I know, this could be a streaky mess, BUT I tried it over a light colour and seems to work well.
I'm curious to try it on its own too... I love all these colours though <3

What about Nouba?


Then, a new brand reveals in Italy (at least, here in Milan :D ), for all the italian readers, this is the OVS makeup brand.
Selection of colours isn't that original, but it's quite large and it includes some interesting shades and finishes, I chose three:

- the blue/teal one is n. 740;

- the green one, n, 745;

- purple/gold, n. 620. This is NOT a dupe of Deborah n. 60, Kiko n. 354, etc, because golden flecks aren't as big, and purple base is much more cooler.
I remember I did a comparison, but I can't find the bottle cap... Maybe I've just imagined it.

These are a true bargain, €1,99 for 5ml. Glassflecks <3

Next, Crystallized TE by Essence, I just picked these two, which have the most interesting shimmer in my opinion:

- Left, n. 03 "Ice Age Reloaded";

- right, n. 04, "Ice Eyes Baby" (lol).

Unfortunately, sun is on holiday, so I couldn't show properly the colour of shimmers, but I think you can notice the gold/lilac microglitters in the blue one; "Ice Age Reloaded" is a medium carnation pink with a light bronze reflect.
Don't know why, but I liked them.

Lastly, a collection of fluos I don't want to use on nails, but... on jewels :>

(colours aren't all so much true to life, consider them MUCH more vivid and acid-like...)

From left to right: n. 06 "Yellow", n. 09 "Pink", n. 05 "Green", n. 03 "Fuchsia", n. 01 "Jade" (which isn't fluo, lol).

There are other few colours, such as a blue, an orange, a "tropical" one (a pastel mix of yellow and orange)...

These are from Debby, the "young" division of Deborah.
€3,90 each (7,5ml), they came out just when I needed them! Fluo nailpolishes are rare here in Italy (aka, never seen one in a store...), and I wasn't convinced to buy them online.

Odd story: short before I found these, Deborah released a collection of fluo shades in its Prêt à Porter range, which are intended for artificial nails only (they stain so much?).
Layla too has a similar collection, I saw it in person and it' so blindly bright even if they're all shades of pink: I don't wanna know what they put in them, must be liquified neon cancer :D

Anyway, these Deborah Prêt à Porter fluos are at least €3,90 (often €4,90) for 4,5ml; Debby fluos are same price for 7,5ml, but... Deborah = Debby: where's the trick? I'm confused.
And Debby offers more colours, while Prêt à Porter fluos are just five shades.
I'm not a marketing expert, but wth?

Enough for the first part, don't you think? :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic

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Usually I put items in my WL without really knowing how that particular colour will appear to my eyes; yeah, swatches are good and useful, but sometimes reality is better than... your fantasy.

So, I read million times about the beauty of "Rodeo Fanatic" by China Glaze, but I must admit that none of the images I saw in these years ever properly rendered the deepness of this shade.
I know my pictures too will lack of that deepness, but this is my try, for all the nailpolish lovers who don't own this colour (yet!):


These are two simple coats, nailpolish is somewhat liquid, but manageable at the same time.

How much beautiful is this little duochrome shade?

Full sun (above) reveals all the turquoise shimmer inside, but it's almost a metallic colour.

Under artificial light, it doesn't change, great as well and you can still see its purple side!

Ideal shade for all the blue/teal/purple lovers out there: get it. Period.
Straight in my favourites bucket.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)